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“All the word’s a stage” Bill Shakespeare 


Hey everyone, were back.

We’ve been going through some rough times, 

but now were deffinitly back. c:

Were alive.

So please, follow and check us out? c:

- A new tomorrow, a new beginning.



Happiness of children is so inspirational


Something I picked up from the Kendall, and Kylie Kardashian. I really believe that everyone should do what this says. Even though life is angry, and life is crazy. “We must keep calm, and love” Thank You Jesus for peace and love.  

Hi, me and my friend are starting this because well, we want to change everything around us. The hate, bullying, pushing people to hurt themselves/kill themselves. I'm tired of it all. I know, we may not make it far, but people need to realize that it's not ok, to push people around like that. To think it's ok to call them names, make fun of them. You don't know what they do when they get home. They could break down and cry. They could cut. We're here to try and save us, us humans, our world. This place we call home. We are always here, message us if you need something. Talk to us. We will help you through anything. <3 Just remember, people care, people love you.

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